I have been studying various therapies for many years and I quite often combine them in one treatment.  I do not offer Indian Head Massage and Thai Foot Massage as stand alone treatments but I use the techniques that I learnt in the courses to enhance my massages.  And unless you request otherwise,  I will always* use Aromatherapy essential oils, either in a pre-blended oil or essential oils that we have chosen together to suit your needs and preferences – to encourage the body to balance itself – to be ‘at ease’ as opposed to ‘dis-eased’.

*In some cases, pregnancy or sensitivity for example, the use of essential oils is not recommended.  In these instances I will use a high quality carrier oil.

I believe that it is very important to treat each person individually and a full consultation on or before your first visit will enable me to recommend the most suitable treatment(s) for your individual needs – if you so wish.  You will  not be charged for the time taken for consultations.

Holistic Massage                                        

You choose how much time, and therefore money, you want to spend, and you can decide during the consultation which treatments you prefer.

As a guide:

A back, shoulder, neck and head massage with a natural lift face massage takes approximately 60 minutes

A full body massage (without head and face) takes approximately 75 minutes

A full body with  head and face massage takes approximately 90 minutes

Allow 1hr 45 mins for a full body hot stone massage (without head and face)

Allow 2 hours for a full body hot stone massage

60 mins    £30            75 mins    £35            90 mins    £40

1 hr 45 mins    £45              2 hours    £50


Treatments take approximately 45 minutes                                            £25

Add  on a luxurious Hot Stone foot massage with suitable Aromatherapy essential oils         60 minutes                                         £30